Mission - Vision

Gazi University;


The mission of Gazi University is to educate students as individuals in accordance with its core values; to contribute to society and the process of lifelong learning by producing ideas, knowledge, science, technology and services at the universal level through the pursuit of research. 


Gazi University aspires to be an entrepreneurial and leading university at the international level in science, technology and arts.

Fundamental Values

As the first educational institution of the republic in training pioneer teachers and having the responsibility of being a research university, Gazi University adopts the following values;

►Pioneer in education and Research

High academic quality to promote the wilingness for learning and research to contribute to universal science and the formation of national culture,

►Quality Focused

In complience with institutional culture; to maintain continuous improvement activities in accordance with the needs of the current age in the fields of education, research and social service,


To carry out institutional decision-making processes by ensuring internal and external stakeholder participation,

►Environmentaly Friendly

Protecting and improving the environment when developing and providing products and services,

►Inquisitive and Innovative

To seek originality in science; taking on an innovative contemporary approach that will serve the needs of society and humanity in the development of research, education and technology,

►Respectful Towards People and Society

Centered on embracing national values, opposing all forms of discrimination with a universal approach, where all opinions and thoughts can be expressed in peace and tolerance and where diversity is seen as wealth; to present the knowledge, technology and service produced for the benefit of society through internal and external stakeholders,

►Commited to Competence and Ethical Values

To focus on universal, scientific, academic and professional ethical values; to praise success, talent, work and effort; to objectively carry out selection and evaluations based on competencies,  

►Institutional Belongingness

To be an institution of which its members feel honoured to be part of and that can take on this responsibility, 

►Commited to its History and Culture

To have a sensitive approach towards historical, cultural, national and spiritual values,

►Awareness of Regional and Global Responsibilities

To be aware of local economic, strategic and social conditions, nearby and world issues and to produce solutions with its units and human resources.

Department of Mathematics;


The reason for the existence of the Department of Mathematics of Gazi University Faculty of Science is to be an elite department that conducts original research at international level in mathematics sciences, trains high-quality mathematicians with the constantly developing education system it implements, and awakens prestige in its country with its aforementioned qualities. The Department of Mathematics will be able to gain the ability of mathematical thinking, apply what they learn to problems encountered in daily life and solve these problems, equipped with 5 basic mathematical knowledge and skills, follow the developments in the field, have a critical perspective, adapt to teamwork, renew themselves and lead their environment. training mathematicians; It has undertaken to be an institution that implements and spreads the knowledge it produces for regional, national and international needs.


Increasing the quality of education in order to be an exemplary department in mathematics undergraduate and graduate education and training, increasing the number and quality of articles in order for the department staff to make international studies, raising graduates who are sought after in the contemporary, entrepreneurial, business and science world.


Commitment to the fundamental values ​​of the republic, following scientificity as an unchanging worldview, adherence to universal ethical values, encouraging creative thinking, innovative approaches and initiatives, providing international contributions in education and research, being open to international cooperation, and protecting social benefit.


Our department aims to bring future scientists in mathematics to our country, who are entrepreneurial, self-confident, able to produce information and transfer this information to other individuals, as well as original and original studies.


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